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Kim Sisco, Whitehouse Fruit Farm Inc.

White House Fruit Farm is a fourth generation farm. Kim is from the third generation and began working on the farm as a young child. Her first job was folding baskets, which all farm children know leads to field work and beyond. After leaving the farm to get an education and raise a family, Kim returned to serve in various positions before choosing to grow the fall gift market. She presently manages the gift market and is busy developing yearly events on the farm.

Kim was first introduced to NAFDMA by Debbie Pifer, the farm market manager/owner. The energy, ideas, support, and openness of all the members, who are leaders in the industry, challenged her and set the course of growth for the fall gift market, as well as other areas on the farm. She believes we all benefit when we take an active role in the areas that enrich us personally and professionally. Serving as a board member allows her to give back to the association that has spurred that growth.

Vice President

Jay Schwinn, Walter's Pumpkin Patch

In 2014 Schwinn Produce Farm LLC was honored to host the NAFDMA conference at their fourth generation family farm. Jay was immediately struck with the organization and more importantly its members. From that conference forward the desire to promote Agritourism has driven Jay to get involved. NAFDMA has proven time and time again that Agri-entrepreneurs of any size can benefit from this amazing group of forward-thinking individuals.

Jay currently manages The Barn at Schwinn Produce Farm and in 2017 opened, with his cousin, a new Agritourism destination, Salt Creek Valley Agriventures LLC. Jay also serves as the Chair of the Kansas Agritourism Advisory Council and as a Commissioner of the Leavenworth Kansas Planning and Zoning board.

Vice President
Sue Stringer, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism

Sue Stringer is the Manager for the Kansas Byways and Kansas Agritourism programs with Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism (KDWPT). She has worked for the State of Kansas for 32 years.

She enjoys the opportunity to share Kansas with others, as well as traveling the state herself, off the “beaten path” whenever possible. Having grown up on the family farm, she finds her work with the Kansas Byways Program and Kansas Agritourism businesses a great fit for her, especially working with local farmers looking to diversify their farm operation through agritourism, and working with rural communities through the Kansas Byways program. Sue and her husband, Mike enjoy working together on their farm and when time allows, enjoy hunting and fishing. Sue also likes to walk, garden, target practice, and spending time with their seven grandchildren.

Deanna Black, Center Grove Orchard

Adventure Yogini~Thrive Activist~BucketList Catalyst

Providing the tools and motivation to live your inspired life through wellness, yoga and the great outdoors. Deanna began her fitness career in 1985 instructing dance aerobics and continues to teach throughout the Midwest, Bahamas, Mexico, Costa Rica and India. She has since expanded her menu of services to include massage therapy, yoga, Pilates, indoor cycling, kettlebell, Zumba, and stand up paddle boarding. Her classes and coaching sessions take a holistic approach integrating the sciences of exercise physiology, Blue Mind and positive psychology. Deanna is based out of Cleveland Ohio and spends the fall harvest season as Director of Fun at her family's farm, Center Grove Orchard in Cambridge Iowa.

Doug Joyer, Waldoch Farm

Doug is the 4th generation farmer at Waldoch Farm that celebrated its centennial in 2016. Waldoch Farm is a diverse organization with a Garden Center, U-Pick Produce Farm, Educational Barnyard, Sunflower Event as well as a Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze. He started working full time at the family farm in 2008 after getting his higher education at University of Minnesota.   There are many roles Doug has done and continues to do on the farm including assistant greenhouse grower, produce manager, beekeeper, marketing coordinator, and general manager. His first NAFDMA convention was in 2012 at Williamsburg, Virginia. This was the year after he started Waldoch Farm’s corn maze and he has not missed convention since.

Debbie Patton, Lynd Fruit Farm

Debbie, an owner of Lynd Fruit Farm, Pataskala, OH, is the Director of events, school tours, retail & social media.  Lynd Fruit Farm is made up of 3 farms, totaling 500 acres, most of which is an apple orchard.  They also grow peaches, pears, plums, sweet corn, pumpkins & sunflowers.  Debbie's husband Jeff, farms their 1500 acre grain farm and hog operation.  Alex, their oldest son works with Debbie, while Caleb, the youngest works with Jeff.  Prior to coming back to the farm, Debbie worked for Dennison University where she attended college, JCPenney Insurance Co. and Northridge Local Schools.  She bred, trained & showed golden retrievers for over 30 years.  For enjoyment Debbie plays the piano, goes to the theater and enjoys the movies.  

Tammi Packer, Packer Orchards, Bakery & Farm Place

Tammi Packer is a wife, mother, farmer, and business owner.  She describe herself in this order because it is essentially the order everything has occurred over the past few decades. She is part of an amazing family business that has grown leaps and bounds over the years.  The relationships and knowledge gained with NAFDMA membership has taken them to the next level.

Her passion for this business was family driven and now has a much more defined description, agri-tourism. She is passionate about the business not only within their family but also the community. She loves meeting new people every day and sharing what they love in a fun, educational, and challenging atmosphere.

Brad Gritt, Gritt's Farm

Brad is a fourth generation farmer on a diverse direct marketing and agritourism farm 
located in West Virginia. With a bachelors degree in finance and marketing and a working knowledge of horticulture and agriculture, he has applied both spectrums to grow and enhance the business growth as well as started new forms of growing and expanded other areas throughout the farm. Passion is the key to success in his eyes, so working in a family business that has been operating for over 90 years brings a level of dedication to seeing things through and continuing to build the good name the generations before established. In addition to his position at Gritt’s Farm, he also serves as the treasurer of the Putnam County Farm Bureau and Outdoor Farmers Representative for Capitol Market. As an avid learner he enjoy reading and studying business books as well as growing guides, and in his free time he likes to play golf, mountain bike, snowboard and run.

Scott DeBuck, DeBuck's Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

Scott DeBuck is the manager and owner of DeBuck’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch, Belleville, Michigan. He is a third generation sod farmer and first generation in the agri-entertainment.  The 550-acre farm includes 425 acres of sod farm and the sod business operates from March until December. Their agri-entertainment utilizes 125 acres which offers a 25 acre u-pick pumpkin patch , 13 acre u-pick sunflower patch, 5 acres of U-Pick Lavender,  13 acres of mazes, 17 acres of fun activities, donut bakery, and full kitchen.   He is a graduate of Michigan State University.  Scott has two young children and enjoys learning about the agri-entertainment business as well as teaching his own life experiences with others.

Interested in becoming a NAFDMA board member?

Duties include, generally:

    • Attendance at web-based monthly Board of Director meetings
    • Attendance at any other project based or special planning sessions for which you volunteer
    • Abide by organizational Conflict of Interest policy and Ethics policy (available for public review)
    • Review and maintain knowledge of organizational governance policies
    • Attend annual convention and other events as possible
    • Board members are not compensated for their time on the board but are reimbursed for any travel expenses they may incur as a direct result of travel related to board governance and volunteer efforts.

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