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Upcoming Webinars:

Overview of Constant Contact (free to all members)

Presented by Thomas Nettesheim & Cynthia Munoz

Friday, February 12th 2021 1-2pm ET


In this webinar we will introduce you to Constant Contact.

Topics will include: 

  • Why Digital Marketing
  • Overview of Campaign Types
  • Understanding Contacts
  • Understanding Reporting
  • Live Demo
  • Q&A

Deep Dive Into Constant Contact (free to all members)

Presented by Thomas Nettesheim & Cynthia Munoz

Friday, February 19th, 2021, 1-2pm ET


In this webinar, we will do a deep dive of Constant Contact. Topics will include: 

  • Create/Edit Email Campaigns with the advanced features
  • Deep dive into Segments and Reporting
  • Other Features available in Constant Contact
  • Q&A

Ecommerce - 3-Part Webinar Series (1/26, 2/25, 3/30)

Presented by Susan Hallam

All sessions begin 1:00 pm Eastern


January 26th  - Ecommerce User Experience: how to improve the UX of your store to increase sales

A great user experience on your website is much more than just design. It involves a number of components working in harmony to give your website visitors a reliable and consistent experience that helps them to navigate your site and to complete their goal of shopping with you.

More importantly, a great user experience will increase your customer happiness, promote word of mouth sales, and reduce the burden of customer support and complaints.

In this fast paced and practical workshop, Susan will introduce you to:

  • How to build trust and confidence
  • How to experiment with calls to action
  • How to create powerful ecommerce content
  • 15 simple but effective changes you can make to your online shop

February 25th - Advertising your Ecommerce: how to promote your shop with paid media

The art of placing paid advertising content is a powerful technique to enable you to reach new customers, to get more signups for your email newsletter, and to generate more sales. 

 In this practical workshop, Susan will introduce you to the practical concepts of building a successful commerce advertising strategy, and practical steps to get started running your own advertising campaign.

  • how to personalize your advertising for precise targeting
  • how to deliver effective mobile advertising
  • how to create persuasive advertising copy and images
  • how to integrate your advertising across multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google

March 30th - Customer Retention and Loyalty in a Digital World

Customer retention is your ability to get repeat business from your existing customers. And a high level of customer retention contributes profit to your bottom line and helps to build advocates to power the growth of your business.

In this webinar, Susan will share practical tips and techniques for developing your customer retention and loyalty strategy.

  • how to plan effective post purchase follow up
  • how to leverage the opportunity of abandoned shopping carts
  • how to build a digital loyalty program
  • how to generate reviews and other forms of user generated content
  • how to extract the greatest value from your advertising using Conversion Rate Optimization  

Susan is the founding director of one of Europe's leading digital agencies, Hallam, and has more than 30 years’ experience working in the digital industry. A native Pennsylvanian, Susan now works in the UK and is an influencer and thought leader who inspires businesses to greater success through digital engagement.
She was awarded an MBE for services to entrepreneurship and innovation in the Queen’s Honors 2018. Also in 2018, Susan was made a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing and named a BIMA 100 CEO & Leaders shaping the digital industry. She is the Chairman of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter, a Freeman of the City of London and a Trustee of Nottingham Castle.

Financial Tools For Business Owners - 3-Part Webinar Series (12/8, 1/12, 2/16)

Presented by Steve Kluemper

All sessions begin at 1:00 pm Eastern


December 8, 2020 (Recording Available in Online Store)

Clarifying Competitive Strengths To Achieve Success And Maximize Return On Assets

Why are you in business?  There are returns that you want from being in business.  Some are personal.  Some are strategic.  Some are financial.  How do you measure these returns to set goals and assess your level of success?  What does success look like for you?  What are the competitive assets and strengths of your business that are going to generate these returns?  How do you maximize returns on these assets and strengths?

In this webinar, Steve will help you answer these questions and walk you through a tool that you can use to measure and maximize your return on assets and as a framework for other returns. 

January 12, 2021 - Communicating Your Sense Of Direction With A Business Plan

What does your business do?  Who asks this question?  Who needs to know?  How do you communicate with them?  What should your business do?  What could your business do?  What is your vision and sense of direction for your business?  How do you gather insights into these questions from others and share your own insights with them? 

In this webinar, Steve will help you answer these questions and walk you through a business plan tool that you can use to communicate your sense of direction. 

February 16, 2021 - Cash Is King When Committing To Annual Budgets

How does your business succeed?  What are the ingredients for success besides king cash?  Why is budgeting your cash sources and needs so important?  How can you comfortably make commitments on behalf of your business that will be successful?  What are the key components of an annual budget and how does it help achieve success for your business?

In this webinar, Steve will help you answer these questions and walk you through an annual budget tool that you can use to help make your business successful. 

Steve Kluemper founded AgriStrategies LLC (www.AgriStrategiesLLC.com) to assist agricultural producers, processors and suppliers across the U.S. with their financial management and vision by helping them facilitate discussions with lenders, vendors and investors, analyze decisions that need to be made, use independent perspectives to run their business, communicate their vision for their company’s future and manage their business and especially their finances, all in an effort to improve their cash flow and profitability.  He has 30 years of experience bringing financial solutions to all types and sizes of agricultural companies across the United States.  Steve grew up on a farm in Indiana, graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Agricultural Economics and a Food and Agribusiness MBA and now lives in East Lansing, MI with his wife, Heather and 4 sons.  

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