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Upcoming Webinars:

May 28th - 1:00 Eastern

Help! I’m in Business with My Family: 9 Things I Wish We Would Do!

By Dr. Katrina Hutchins, President & CEO of Re-Source Solutions

This three-part webinar series will focus on the complexities and dynamics that come with working in family businesses. In each session, participants will explore three critical components for maximizing functionality and capacity in family work.

May 28th - Session Three: “Inclusively Excellent – Maximizing the Family Loop”

Participants will learn strategies for:

  • Setting Expectations
  • Establishing Positive Modes of Operations
  • Solidifying Cohesiveness

March 31st - Session One: “Dynamically Different – Maximizing Family Connections”

Participants will learn strategies for: 

  • Inviting all Sides of the Story
  • Removing the Lines in the Sand
  • Having Crucial Conversations
April 30th - Session Two: “Effectively Sharing  – Maximizing Family Communication” 

Participants will learn strategies for:

  • Listening to Hear
  • Pausing to Respond
  • Acting to Maximize

    Dr. Katrina Hutchins, affectionately known as “Dr. K” , is the President & CEO of Re-Source Solutions, a personal and professional growth and development company. A Certified Personal & Executive Coach, Consultant, Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Professor with decades of experience as a senior leader in the nonprofit, philanthropic, higher education, and faith-based sectors, Dr. K is committed to positioning her voice in a way that amplifies the voices of others. As such, she has coached individuals and spoken to audiences all over the country.


    May 29th - 1:00 Eastern

    Marketing & Communications For Your Agritourism Business

    By Melanie Diehl

    Communicating with our audience is always important. In today's world, it's more crucial than ever to connect with them through our marketing messages. In this live webinar, learn best practices for reaching your audience where they are, in a language they understand. Get tangible, practical and actionable steps that you can implement right now.

    • Understanding your audience and what they need in this current climate

    • Communicating your story, offerings and best practices in an easily digestible, relatable manner

    • Combining traditional marketing methods with modern/digital methods

    • Putting it all together in an innovative marketing plan

    Professional speaker, trainer and award-winning digital marketer Melanie Diehl is passionate about helping business owners achieve massive results online.


    June 8th - 1:00 Eastern

    Hiring Online - Utilizing Job Sites and Social Media Effectively

    By Danisha Martin, MBA, CSC - Nonprofit HR

    During this interactive webinar, you will gain a practical overview of how to prepare, plan for, and execute a seamless recruiting campaign to staff up for your agri-tourism business’s busy season. Attendees will learn how to incorporate the use of online job boards and social media to attract the right people when it counts the most. By the end of this power hour, you will be able to apply turnkey methods to improve your hiring process with less stress and less time.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • The Anatomy of a Job Description – and how to compose an effective, legal, and attractive job ad for your ideal candidates,

    • How to Post – Like – Share Your Job Ad Like A Pro…the fundamentals of using the internet & social media to simplify your hiring process, and

    • Best Practices to attract the right candidates, and hire them in a hurry.

    Danisha has over 15 years of combined experience in human resources, talent acquisition, executive search, effective network sales & direct marketing, and entrepreneurship. She currently serves at Nonprofit HR as an executive search consultant and trusted advisor on retained search engagements in the firm’s Executive Search Practice.

    As a recruiter, Danisha conducts detailed interviews with candidates and evaluates their qualifications and fitness for the job with the organization’s business needs. She manages the timeline, recruiting methods, and quality of candidates throughout the process. Her thorough understanding of talent acquisition informs her ability to provide thought leadership, and strategy via informative, interactive, and engaging workshops, lectures, seminars, and webinars.


    June 15th - 1:00 Eastern

    This Webinar Is Free To NAFDMA Members

    Getting Started With Constant Contact

    By Thomas Nettesheim, Constant Contact

    In this webinar, we will give an overview of Constant Contact. We will share some best practices as well as a live demo.

    Topics to be included:

    • What features are available in our email creation flow
    • How to upload and manage your contacts
    • How to grow your list
    • Understanding Reporting
    • How to use Social media and other tools that Constant Contact offers
    • Q&A

    Thomas Nettesheim has been working at Constant Contact for over 9 years with work specifically in the Franchise realm for over 5. He is a subject matter expert for Constant Contact and is often called upon to host webinars that give overviews of the product, best practices and why Constant Contact is a vital part of a business marketing strategy.


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