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Chase Distillery

From William Chase – “Why Chase? Well, we make our spirits entirely from scratch. Our family has a passion for farming, we grow potatoes and apples which we distil into our range of spirits. In our Chase Original Potato Vodka, 250 glorious British potatoes go into every bottle! The quality of our products isn’t by chance. It takes meticulous dedication, craftsmanship and passion from our team. This approach, entirely from field to bottle, really makes us different and it is something you can taste in our spirits.

I grew up here in Herefordshire and feel very lucky to have been brought up in this beautiful part of the world. I had been farming potatoes for 20 years, mostly supplying supermarkets as a commodity, which left me feeling detached, without any feedback from the end consumer. With the continual price pressure from the supermarkets as well, I realized I had to change direction. I wanted to remain in farming and produce a great tasting product we could make from potatoes. I was hit one day with the eureka moment to turn my potatoes into chips. I spent 2002 traveling the world to source the equipment and recipe to make potato chips. By the summer, “Tyrrells” was born. As Tyrrells grew, I was searching for the next step. In 2004 whilst traveling in the USA, looking for packaging equipment for the chips, I stumbled on a small distillery making potato vodka and thought this would be a great new chapter to life. So I returned home and decided it would definitely be more fun making vodka. From the idea in 2004, it took us until April fool’s day 2008 to harvest the first of our potatoes, making the first batch of vodka in June 2008. Upon tasting the very first drop from the column before filtering, I was so enamored and proud of it, I decided to call it Chase Vodka. And so Chase Distillery was born. “

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