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Farmer Copleys

Farmer Copleys is a family run farm shop, Moo Café, function space and events center based between Pontefract and Featherstone. The Copley family has been farming for over 140 years with the aim to showcase British agriculture to our community while also getting people engaged with the countryside and helping people learn where their food originates and how it is produced.

In 2003 Robert and Heather came back to Yorkshire, via Cheshire, from their careers in Dorset to have a family. This was with the intention of bringing their children up on the farm and to avoid the farm being sold, by building the farm shop and diversifying the farm. Jacob and Harry arrived in 2002 and 2005 respectively and the farm business has changed dramatically, now becoming a real part of the Yorkshire Community.

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Office: 855-623-3621


P.O. Box 30481

Indianapolis, IN 46220
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