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Yorkshire Agricultural Society

The Yorkshire Agricultural Society (YAS) is a registered charity, founded in 1837. Objectives are:

  • To support and promote agriculture as well as rural and allied industries throughout the North of England. This includes championing the role of farmers as providers of high-quality produce and encouraging consumers to choose healthy and local produce.
  • To advance and encourage agricultural research and a greater understanding and empathy with farming and the countryside amongst the general public and particularly children.
  • To advance and encourage the protection and sustainability of the environment.
  • To organize and host the annual Great Yorkshire Show to promote farming, food and the countryside.

Through these networks, they aim to help ensure that the agricultural community is stronger, fitter and better equipped for tomorrow.

Farming Networks provide support, advice and opportunity for those within the agricultural industry to develop both personally and professionally.

They organize and facilitate events for the farming and rural community at a number of different locations across Yorkshire, offering support, inspiration and knowledge transfer.

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