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Webinar - Get Yourself Ready To Rock Your Fall 2020 Demands - Elaine Froese

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Are you and your staff tired and overloaded with too many roles and too little time? Do you under-prioritize self-care? What do you believe to be true about burnout? How are you behaving towards yourself, and others? Do you ask "Where did the fun go?" How can you strengthen the glue of your business and keep energy levels high, as we gear up for a full fall season after a trying 2020 spring and summer? What decisions does your team need to make now in July, to create a culture of hard work, rest, and renewal as you serve your customers? Believe. Behave. Decide. Webinar Solutions & Outcomes: - Learn to identify your 6 core roles and the beliefs that drive you. - Embrace simple ways to be intentionally self-renewing. - Enlist family members to share the load, making tough decisions. - Decrease your demands…what needs to be dropped or delegated. - Adopt energy boosters…what things give you energy. - Create a new storyboard for your life to remind you of the next steps. - Take care of you, for you are your business’s most important asset. Elaine Froese, Canada’s farm whisperer is an active farm partner with customer demands, just like you. She’s experienced a serious health issue which makes her passionate and practical about being intentional with managing her energy. Elaine Froese hates it when people say, “she must be busy.” As a certified coach from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, Elaine has amazing strategies for mapping out a great way to live intentionally and make conscious choices. She removed “all hurriedness from her life” after a serious bout of postpartum depression. Her empathy for mental health is widely appreciated by her audiences as she confronts the true challenge of self-care, which is not selfish. As a depression survivor, she places a high priority on staying healthy. Elaine has been writing and speaking about balanced living in a complex world since l987.

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