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Webinar - Approaching Farm Retail With Fresh Eyes - John Stanley

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This session was recorded exclusively for NAFDMA. 2020 is a year that we’ll remember for a long time, especially with regards to farm retail. Everyone should approach farm retail with fresh eyes, as the consumer is setting the trend of “food independence”. Around the world, consumers are moving away from the large supermarkets, and heading in droves to their local farm shops and farm markets. In this webinar, we’ll look at 12 different techniques that we can implement as farm retailers to help us make a difference in this changing world. We’ll discuss some quick fixes to implement immediately, and have a look at what the future holds as it relates to on-farm retail. John Stanley has been a consultant and conference speaker to the farm market industry for over 40 years. With his wife Linda, he is co-owner of Chestnut Brae, an award winning sweet chestnut agri-tourism business in the South West of Australia. John travels the world several times a year and is therefore fully aware of trends as they are forming. He has the knack of being able to interpret those trends and ideas to suit the local culture, and make them relevant and easy for his audiences to implement the concepts. John is the author of several books including “Food Tourism A Practical Guide to Marketing” and “Just About Everything You Need to Know About Retailing”. John has worked independently with several NAFDMA members in the past and is a regular visitor to the USA and Canada.

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