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WEBINAR: Application of the Americans with Disabilities Act to Agritourism: Considerations for Including Visitors with Disabilities - Jennifer Skulski

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People with disabilities and their families have high expectations for accessible tourism and special events. This session will provide an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it applies to agritourism, major provisions and key principles for inclusion of people with disabilities. Jennifer Skulski has more than 25-years’ experience in ADA compliance and inclusion of people with disabilities in parks, recreation and tourism. She will frame an approach to put your ADA compliance on track and make people with disabilities feel more welcome at your facility. Upon completion of the session, learners will be able to: Discuss key principles of the ADA such as reasonable modifications, most integrated setting and effective communication; Understand the proactive requirement for readily achievable barrier removal; Describe the ADA defenses and process before answering “no” to a disability-related request; Identify ADA resources for continuing education and technical assistance; and Utilize the federal tax incentives for ADA compliance. About the Presenter: Jennifer Skulski has more than 25-years experience consulting on ADA compliance and inclusion of people with disabilities. She is a national leading expert on the accessibility standards for parks and recreation, tourism, program access, and universal design. Jennifer has facilitated ADA transition planning for more than 500 municipal recreation facilities and 60 national parks. She has consulted with organizations such as the National Park Service, Minneapolis Parks and Recreation, the Field Museum, the City of Mobile, Cleveland Metroparks, Great Parks of Hamilton County, and the Arlington Heights Park District. She has authored numerous articles on accessibility management and inclusion. In addition to consultation, Jennifer is the publisher of Accessibility Management News.

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