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Virtual Agritourism Workshop - Diversification & Collaboration To Provide Alcohol To Your Operation

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Once purchased, the content is immediately accessible for you to engage at your own pace. In this workshop, Cynthia Chiles of Chiles Family Orchards relays detailed descriptions of her family’s experiences working with outside partners to provide wine and cider made from the Chiles’ own grapes and apples as value-added products to their operations. You will gain an understanding of the development, strategies and challenges of their partnerships with Prince Michel Winery & Bold Rock Hard Cider and the enhancements these partnerships offered to their clientele, events and on-site sales. You’ll also learn of the arc of development of the Chiles family’s own brand of wine, their on-site wine shop at Carter Mountain Orchard, and their newest venture – Chiswell Farm and Winery. From partnering with locally recognizable named companies to set-up their shops on-site at Carter Mountain Orchard, to using outside sourcing for all aspects of their own branded alcohol production, to thinking outside of the box in order to build and develop their own winery operations, Cynthia Chiles provides extremely valuable information for anyone looking to enhance their own operations by providing alcohol as a value-added product. Please note that this is not a workshop explaining the production process of these products.

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