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Webinar - PART 2 - Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace®_ How to Create Ownership and Empowerment Throughout Your Organization

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Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace® is all about moving away from a traditional top-down autocratic environment to one in which each person in an organization takes ownership for their piece of the business. The goal is for everyone to be intimately involved in initiatives, innovations and solving problems and challenges to help them and your organization achieve the success you want. Everyone becomes an active participant in creating powerful, positive, sustainable change. In our sessions, we will discuss the following to address how to empower your team to actively engage in providing extraordinary experiences and exceptional customer service: 1. The three stages that must occur for change to not only take hold but be sustained, and not become “flavor of the month”. 2. The 4-step process to overcome conflicts and concerns that can get in the way of change occurring. 3. The key roadblocks for both leaders and your front line when it comes to creating ownership throughout the company and how to overcome them. 4. The power of Michael’s “Sitting on the Same Side of the Table” methodology and philosophy that leads to collaboration and removes the need to negotiate in most selling situations. 5. Tips from his #1 best-seller on stress “Let Them See You Sweat” and how an entrepreneurial workplace can help reduce stress.

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