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Webinar - Developing an Effective Branding Strategy

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While the concept of “a brand” may be intangible, it can have very tangible effects on any organization. Since those effects can be positive or problematic, it is important to understand the concept of branding. Agri-Tourism organizations face some unique challenges and opportunities when developing a brand. During this webinar, Tom will incorporate branding ideas uniquely relevant to the Agri-Tourism industry, including: • Understanding what a “brand” is - - and is not • Identifying those branding challenges specific to the Agri-Tourism industry • Developing a single brand vs. multiple brands • “Tools” to have as you are developing your brand • Preparing for the “next step”: Launching and maintaining your brand The presentation is designed to offer ideas to organizations with existing, established brands as well as those looking to develop a new brand, and will allow for questions from attendees.

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