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Living An Intentional Life - presented by Elaine Froese

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Work-life balance in a complex world. Each day as farmers and managers, we make a choice to have a learner mindset or a judger one. We are either going for it, or about to crash with disappointment in the doldrums. How do we transition out of burnout tendencies and let go of not’s working, hold on to what’s important, and take on new systems or ways of being and doing ? Elaine Froese is a seasoned certified coach with a map called “The Cycle of Renewal” to help your team navigate getting ready for achieving your dreams, aligning with your cherished beliefs and being more profitable. Understand that the tension of work and play is a polarity: an issue that is never solved completely, but smart farmers know it always has to be managed. Session Solutions: - Learn to identify whether you are reaching alignment with your vision or falling away feeling trapped - Chart ideas for a better sense of family life balance with a role map - Embrace simple ways to be intentionally self-renewing and let go of what’s not working - Command effective family/team meetings to assess actionable next steps - Grab hold of 3 strategies that would help you embrace change as a great option - Create a new storyboard for your life to remind you of the next steps - Employ mini-transitions knowing what you need to take on for success As a certified farm family business transition coach, Elaine specializes in helping farm families work through the tough issues to take action. Elaine works with families to find harmony through understanding. She creates a safe place for families to meet, plan for change and be able to formulate next steps for transition success. Elaine’s goal is to empower family, increase profit and secure legacy as she provides practical communication tools for farm families across North America. Visit @elainefroese , FB and Youtube : “Farm Family Coach”

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