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Cruisin' Through Life at 35 MPH - presented by Brian Blasko

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Cruisin’ Through Life At 35 MPH Strategies To Keep Your Internal Engine Running Smoothly Life is a journey…enjoy the ride! This exciting program offered by Brian Blasko invites you to discover and maximize your own personal potential. Our lives and careers are like vehicles, and we are the engines that keep them running smoothly. Come learn how to gain some “fuel” for your internal gas tank. While traveling on this journey, Brian will share strategies for successful leadership, teamwork and personal growth. The strategies have all been test-driven and proven road-worthy. Do not let life’s little road blocks keep you stuck on the side of the road. Come have some fun and learn how to push your pedal to the metal! Cruisin’ Through Life At 35 MPH is a delightful road trip. The program content will inform participants on a variety of leadership strategies they can use everyday. Learning/Behavioral Objectives: - Learn how create trust, rapport and credibility with others - Take more initiative in job related and personal life situations - Learn how to keep self-esteem levels “full” - Understand the positive benefits of “change” - Learn how to stay motivated and positive in your working environment - Learn the benefits of taking the driver’s seat and setting the pace as a leader Brian Blasko is a highly motivated, nationally known speaker, trainer and author. His programs have been inspiring individual and organizational growth for 23 years. He is the “go to” guy when it comes to leadership, motivation, team building and personal development. Brian’s message rings true with organizations and audiences of all shapes and sizes, and his contagious energy encourages others to feel comfortable about themselves and their personal development.

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