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Passionate about Yorkshire, its farmers and local producers; Fodder, a Yorkshire farm shop and café, supports and sells the very best. Shelves are stocked with food and drink from over 430 farmers and producers, with 85% of what is sold and served coming from Yorkshire.

They are proud to be the only food shop and café in the UK where all profits go to a farming charity – the Yorkshire Agricultural Society.  For every purchase made, it helps pay for a child to enjoy a free trip to Countryside Days or a farmer to have a health check which may save his life.

The idea of Fodder started in 2001 when British agriculture was hit hard by Foot and Mouth and the Society wanted to come up with a long-term sustainable plan which would help farmers in Yorkshire.

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Office: 855-623-3621


P.O. Box 30481

Indianapolis, IN 46220
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