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27 Aug 2019 3:00 PM | Anonymous

Bringing Your Brand To Life In A Captivating Farm Market Booth

By Joe Baer

Everyone loves a trip to the Farmer’s Market. There is something un-describable and special about shopping from your local farmers, growers and makers that gives an extra sense of satisfaction that you don’t always receive from your grocery store. It’s a simple way to support your community and, at the same time, you are supporting yourself and your family with fresh, healthy and nutritious food. That support and participation within the community can make your food taste even better. 

Part of the excitement of buying from a farmer’s market is the sense that you are buying the freshest possible items from the most direct to consumer route. It’s as easy as pulling the truck up with a fresh harvest right in the back. There is no real need for signage or marketing or special props.  A smiling face and perhaps a taste of the bounty are enough to make you feel satisfied, special and somehow lucky. But today farmers and makers need a little more than luck to get a customer to stop, shop and become a loyal customer of their booth and brand. 

Here are FIVE ways to bring your brand to life in a captivating Farm Market Booth.

1.     Extend your brand identity:  Once your logo has been created, look at how you can extend that identity by bringing it to life in your shopping experience. Determine your main colors. Determine a material. Consider a banner for your back wall, custom linens for your tables and perhaps a banner to run along the top of your tent.  Use color and texture to make your booth more inviting and captivating.  This is an opportunity to reinforce the essence or personality of your brand. Is your brand rustic yet sophisticated, colorful and fun or whimsical and humorous?  A customer should be able to look at your booth and get an initial feeling of your brand within seconds.  Yes, seconds.

2.     Stock and display your products: One of the key goals of visual merchandising is to elevate the perceived value of your product. The way to achieve this is to pay close attention to the way you are displaying your goods. What type of container do you choose?  Do your goods look clean and fresh?  Is there order and organization that makes sense to the shopping flow?  Use merchandising techniques like vertical merchandising, pyramiding, consistency and repetition to feature your assortment.  Crates, bowls, baskets, trays and other containers can hold the products and elevate them to make the products feel special and high quality.

3.     Tell a clear story with signs and graphics: Another great way to extend the personality and image of your brand while making the shopping experience easier is to incorporate signs with information and pricing. Signs help to further complete your image and work with your brand identity and display techniques. Signs act as silent salespeople answering questions and suggesting products while you are handling other tasks. I know, you’ve heard that silent selling line before…. but it’s true.  While you are serving another guest or answering a question the customer is looking around and making additional decisions while they wait.  The key to a great signage package is consistency.  Choose a style, look, font and material and stick to it.  Maintain a consistent format throughout your booth.

4.     Sample the product:  There is nothing that makes me gravitate towards a booth more than a taste. Seeing a farmer cut slices from an apple with a pocket knife is like a magnet that draws me closer.  Before I know it, my arm is extending and I’m grabbing a taste of that delicious variety.  Samples are a great way to connect to the customer but visually they are also an attention grabber that will help draw the customers to your booth.

5.     Create a moment: There’s no doubt that the majority of today’s customers are armed with a camera just waiting for the moment that something captures their attention, delights them and almost subconsciously urges them to take a photo to share with all of their friends and family to share in the excitement. Social Media is a part of today’s Farmer’s Market experiences. Creating a visual moment that makes a customer say “WOW,” makes them look or encourages them to snap a selfie is another way to make sure they stop at your booth and remember your experience.  Chances are they will mention your booth in several of their upcoming conversations.  I’ve met many creative and clever farmers over the years that can fix or rig almost anything. Apply some of that cleverness and humor to create a memorable moment in your booth.

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